Student Song Competition 2015 - send your demos!Mar 18

It does not happen every day that a student garage band gets a chance on a big stage! Student Song Competition "Tudengilaul" is giving you a chance now.
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The first half of the festival: overviewOct 16

Let's see what has been happening in Tartu for the last few days. Remember, the festival lasts for the whole week so everyone still has a chance to participate in different events!
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Oh, the 2nd day - what will you bring?Oct 14

What are your plans for today? We will help you out to make best out of your regular Tuesday!
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Day first: work out, pancakes, concert Oct 13

 Rise and shine! The festival has begun and a busy day filled with wonderful events awaits. 
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Registration forms are waiting for you!Oct 06

It has begun! The pre-registration for most of the events is now open. 
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Ready, Steady, Go! Tartu Autumn Days are here!Oct 06

Yes, it is that time of the year again! Tartu Autumn Days are everywhere around and within you. Join us and enjoy the student spirit in marvellous Tartu.
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Registration starts today!Apr 21

Today 21st of April at 21:00 we will open registration for StudentExtreme, Pub Rally, Spring Aerobics, Night Yoga, Snowball Fight!
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