The best week of your student life starts nowOct 11

When was the last time you took part in a tray competition? But in a dance competition? But in the greatest student competition?
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Step on the stage of Poetry FreedomOct 10

Summon your inner poet, let your soul flow.
“Poetry freedom” gives you the chance to read your poems out loud!

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Don't miss out: crazy-weird sports eventsOct 10

Be prepared to have all your necessary sleep hours this weekend, because next week you will have no mood for sleeping. Get ready for Tartu Student Days 2015!
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Studentfilm 2015 awards winners with 2 x 1000 eurosSep 07

The Studentfilm is celebrating its 15th birthday this year and as is custom to birthdays, there is cake. The best slice of the birthday cake is for the winners of Studentfilm - 2 x 1000 EUR from Swedbank! Where's cash, there's fame - the movies that reach the finals are shown on the Big Screen in Cinamon cinema!
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A week full of dancing!Apr 25

It has been a long and cold winter but now the sun is shining like it hasn’t for some time and it’s warm again. It’s springtime! So why don’t we take that winter and just shake it off. Re-energize and get moving. 
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Test your engineer skills and fly in KARSUMM Apr 20

It’s a bird! It’s a plane... It’s a boat?! It is definetely epic! Come and fly above the river Emajõgi with your friends and you may end up flying in real: with a helicopter!
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Poetry Freedom is waiting for youApr 01

Are you the next Shakespeare or Eminem? Poetry Freedom is waiting for you!
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Student Song Competition 2015 - send your demos!Mar 18

It does not happen every day that a student garage band gets a chance on a big stage! Student Song competition "Tudengilaul" is giving you a chance now.
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The first half of the festival: overviewOct 16

Let's see what has been happening in Tartu for the last few days. Remember, the festival lasts for the whole week so everyone still has a chance to participate in different events!
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Oh, the 2nd day - what will you bring?Oct 14

What are your plans for today? We will help you out to make best out of your regular Tuesday!
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Day first: work out, pancakes, concert Oct 13

 Rise and shine! The festival has begun and a busy day filled with wonderful events awaits. 
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Registration forms are waiting for you!Oct 06

It has begun! The pre-registration for most of the events is now open. 
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Ready, Steady, Go! Tartu Autumn Days are here!Oct 06

Yes, it is that time of the year again! Tartu Autumn Days are everywhere around and within you. Join us and enjoy the student spirit in marvellous Tartu.
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See you soon!May 27

University Culture Club wishes you an adventurous and a wonderful summer!
We will see you at Tartu Autumn Days on October 13th - 19th!
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Registration starts today!Apr 21

Today 21st of April at 21:00 we will open registration for StudentExtreme, Pub Rally, Spring Aerobics, Night Yoga, Snowball Fight!
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Suured Sõbrad:

See you in Spring!


Autumn Aerobics

Dance Marathon

Game of Students