The first half of the festival: overview


The first day began with the Wake-Up Call and despite the bad weather, people still got out of their beds and danced enthusiastically (there was even a guy with a broken leg at the EMÜ dormitories). The morning ceremony was followed with the pancake breakfast where a total of 825 pancakes were made. Of course there might have been people who got more than one... but serving about 800 students in the morning is quite impressive. 

Another great number from the first day is 102, which is the number of teams participating in Mälukas (a competition to test knowledge in different topics). There have never been this many teams at the event before. The last event of the day was held at Tartu Uus Teater where students gathered to dance to the beats of KRUUV and Galvanic Elephants.


Tuesday was the day of Autumn Aerobics which attracted about 200 people who were more than happy to change the cold evening into a much warmer one. A competition to find the King and Queen of aerobics was also held. The most convincing performer was Liis Palmiste, who was crowned as the Queen. Her male equivalent – the King of aerobics - was Siim Kängsepp. 

At the same time people started to gather at Jakobi 2 for Stand-Up Science. It turned out to be a popular event since it was a full-house and some who had come too late had to choose between sitting on the stairs or standing. 

Two teams, Teadusbuss and Psühhobuss, performed in the show where they tried to explain different topics in a fun, maybe a bit twisted, humorous and exploding way. Audience made it’s choice and the winner was Madis Vasser who solely represented Psühhobuss.


Suured Sõbrad:

See you at the festival!