Only SIX DAYS left

Throughout the next week every student has an incredible chance to participate in our amazing events – starting from showing your best dance moves and finishing with the wildest experiences over the river Emajõgi, from unreal cooking skills to mystical celebrations of Walpurgis Night. If you don't feel like your cooking skills are that good, but enjoing Walpurgis Night with full stomach sounds like your thing, then drop by from Vabaduse avenue – Student Street offers you a huge variety of street food! We pomise that there will be much new and unheard-of, but you also won’t miss the good-old events where you can fill the baggage of memories of your student life.

Below you will find some cool events picked out from our program.

Hitman (over the city)
Are you ready for the most exciting week of your life? One target, one chance. Are you ready to find out, what your victim eats for a breakfast, what specialty lectures he/she listens to and can you find him/her rather from Hesburger or from a bar? It’s time to find out Tartu’s own Sherlock Holmes!

8:00 Pancake Morning (Town Hall Square)
Festival week starts with a Pancace morning, from the centre of the city - from Tartu town hall square. If you are also keen to free food and happy people, then come! By the way, in addition to pancakes, you will find many student organizations, which will offer free food/ drinks. Hurry up, get out of the bed and run to get your free breakfast!

19:15 The Opening Parade (start in front of Raatuse 22 dormitory)
It would be so funny to sing your voice out alone, and it would be even funnier to walk to the Students’ Night Song Festival alone. Don’t hesitate and come with all your friends to the Opening Parade. Let’s sing our voices out together, and let’s sound as harmonized as Koit and Laura in Eesti Laul from the first song to the last one.

20:00 Students' Night Song festival (Tartu lumepark)
Students’ Night Song Festival shouldn’t leave any new and old person in Tartu indifferent. Although this year the location has changed, the spirit and reason hasn’t - we want to come together, sing side-by-side our favourite songs. Let’s sing so that all Tartu hears us!

23:00 Night Song Festival Afterparty (Club Illusion)
If night song festival sounds are too catchy and you don’t feel like going to sleep, then come party with us! In Students’ Night Song Festival official Afterparty you will hear the best retro beats and you are going to see the coolest party people. Club Illusion will anyway be on your way, so why not extend your Monday a bit.

14:00 Crate Glimbing preliminary round (next to Tartu Kaubamaja)
If you aren’t ready to climb on your career ladder yet, then try catching the heights by climbing on empty beer boxes. Don’t hesitate, because records are waiting for you to break them.

18:00 Songbattle and Student Days Karaoke (Tartu Student Club)
If you associate every word in ÕIS with at least 100 different rhythms, then be there because you are definitely gonna be the champion of the night. Karaoke is not going to need any further introduction - come and sing from the bottom of your heart even when you can’t sing so well! Literally, our ears have heard everything.

16:00 Farmer Simulator (Keskpark)
Are you already the master of milking, or have you only had wild dreams about it? First time in Studentdays history there is going to be a competition for both, countrymen and people from city. You are going to challenge yourself in epic Farmer Simulator, where there won’t be lack of potatoes, cows and ground.

18:00 Pub Crawl (starts from Keskpark)
The new season of Planet Earth shows that it is really fertile time in fauna. So there can’t be any better topic for Pub Crawl than it’s SEX. Grab two of your sex-expert friends and challenge your knowledge and creativity or gain more of it.

21:00 Dance Marathon (Tartu Rock Club Heaven)
The largest work-out of the year comes again - if Club Illusion doesn’t feel the one and salsa classes aren’t for you, then you are totally gonna love the Dance Marathon. Marathon doesn’t end before the last dancer gets tired - you are going to need your resistance and creativity.

18:00 Flunkyball (training ground of the University of Tartu's sports hall)
A game known from the German student culture is going to make it’s huge debut in Estonia. Next generations are going to talk about it for years. Grab your party-animal friends and your team might be crowned as this year’s Flunkyball champions.

20:00 Student Band (Tartu Club of Different Rooms)
The hottest bands of student music ground are going to step up and perform on the stage in the Club of Different Rooms. In merciless struggle there is going to be only one student band, which stands out. Rock in your slippers for all night, because after announcing the winner, the newcomer or Radio 2, The Boondocks is going to take the stage!

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 11:00-23:00 (Vabaduse avenue)
First time in history there will be tens of food trucks from all over Estonia, which will offer you amazing food. Are a fan of sushi or burgers have got your heart? Are you a vegan or you just love meat – we promise that you will most certainly get a full stomach!

12:00-13.30 Box climbing finale (Vabaduse avenue)
This has became the standard field of sport in Studentdays, where participants lay a pile of empty beer boxes under themselves. You have a chance to cheer the most skillful ones, who have climbed themselves to the finale. (NB! Preliminary round on Tuesday, of April at 14)

14:00-15:30 Student Chef (Vabaduse avenue)
Students food doesn’t mean only instant noodles and conserved tuna. In Student Chef there will be participants with skills learned in dormitory or with skills your mother always told, but you never listened. Participants are facing the pressure of time and the sharp look in judges eyes. Are you the next student chef or you wish to get food inspiration for all year – we invite you all!

16.00-18.30 Student Extreme (Vabaduse avenue)
The most extreme event in Studentdays – Student Extreme – offers really thrilling experiences. Students get to test their physical ability in land, air and water. The adrenaline will flow in participants and spectators grooves.

20.00-22.30 Night Dance Festival (Vabaduse avenue)
New and old dances, young and old dancers will all meet in Night Dance Festival to spin on their legs until it hurts. Dancing skills doesn’t matter, you just have to come and follow the lead in the most positive meaning.

12:00-14:00 Flying Machine Contest Karsumm (Vabaduse avenue)
Studentdays without Flying Machine Contest Karsumm is like a student without instant noodles. Legendary self-made flying machine contest welcomes new adventurous students, whose ultimate goal is to fly themselves to the second shore of Emajõgi. No one hasn’t done it yet, but maybe the year 2017 will change everything. Participate and make a history!

15.00-16.30 Boat Race (Vabaduse avenue)
Boat Race is BACK! Be ready for the biggest rebellion of the year in Emajõgi. Costumed participants will jump into the boats found from the granpa’s garage or into boats made behind a dormitory and sail towards the finish with spirited spectacle.

17:00-19:00 Fear Factor (Vabaduse avenue)
Fear Factor offers the adrenaline and the anticipation to participants and spectators. Be ready to make your weirdest nightmares into reality.

23:00-23:30 Walpurgis Night (Vabaduse avenue)
The grandiose final chord of Tartu Studentdays will be mystical Walpurgis Night concert. Walpurgis Night in Tartu is a unique experience and it’s worth watching. After the concert-show go to Rotalia sorority, which will open it’s doors for everybody and becomes the official afterparty of Tartu Student Days festival.

23.55 Student Days and Walpurgis Night Afterparty (Rotalia house, Tähe 3
No actual vicious spirited student goes home after the Walpurgis Night celebrations. Student Days team organizers with happy audience are going to finish the coolest week in the entire world and we hope that you are ready for that. Come enjoy the best music and dance until the morning light with us! You will be welcomed by an amazing Winny Puhh!

Are you ready? We certainly are!

Suured Sõbrad:

See you at the festival!